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Why should you adopt a cat or dog from the Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter?

Cats and dogs in a shelter have, by definition, been living in the streets or been abandoned by someone. Someone who decided they didn't have the time to care for a dog, or decided the new apartment's location was more important than whether the landlord allowed pets. Sometimes human tragedy makes the pet a victim: The owner dies suddenly, or loses a job and simply can't afford to care for it. Sometimes a cat or dog gets lost and is never reunited with its owner. And sometimes a mean person simply grows tired of abusing a dog and kicks it out of the house. For whatever reason, each cat and dog in the Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter needs a home.

What do you get in return for this "street cat or dog"? To start with, you can see what you're getting: size, coloring, length of coat, and personality. But most important is what you can't see: These are cats and dogs that are, above all, willing to please. They want to be loved, and they want to love in return. And they will.

Each cat and dog in our shelter needs you ... and not too long after taking it home, you'll realize that you needed this cat or dog for all the joy it brings you.


By adopting an animal from Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter, you are helping to solve the pet overpopulation problem.

Some people believe that an animal shelter will not have a particular breed type, but shelters often have purebred animals if that is what you are looking for. The process may take longer if you are looking for a purebred animal, but often the breed you are looking for will be turned over to a shelter at some point if you are patient. Also please remember that mixed breed animals make wonderful pets, so do not rule out adopting a mixed breed even if you are set on adopting a purebred animal. Mixed breed cats and dogs have the great advantage that they are unique and combine the best of the breeds they are made of. Each one of them is a magnificent wonder of nature that should be truly appreciated. And who wants a cat or dogs that look same like all other cats and dogs only because they are fashion breeds?

Reasons for adopting a cat or dog from Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter:

  • When you adopt a cat or dog, you have a better chance of finding the perfect match for your family. Our shelter staff members tend to have an excellent grasp on the cat’s or dog's temperament, so they can help match you and your family with the perfect dog for your personality and your lifestyle. This is a great way to ensure that you don't have to bring the dog back because he just wasn't what you expected.
  • Shelter pets are healthy and kept update with their vaccinations, spayed or neutered and microchipped before you adopt the pet. This helps cut vet bills tremendously.
  • Generally, shelter cats and dogs bond rather quickly and deeply with their new owners. Usually, these cats and dogs are uprooted from a happy home due to divorce, death, or some other lifestyle change, that they do go through a mourning process. So once they've found a loving home again, they want to please the new owners as much as possible to hopefully ensure that they won't be homeless again. Even cats and dogs that were picked up from the streets, never really knowing a good home, will bond quickly.


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