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Who should adopt a cat or dog

You are interested to adopt a cat or dog? That is great but WHY do you want to adopt it? There are many reasons to adopt pets from an animal shelter. Please read the following carefully and try to think in which category you fall. And never forget: pet adoptions are not made from an emotional impulse; they need to be clearly thought about and decided among all family members. You need to understand that you are about to take responsibility for a cat for up to 15-20 years and for a dog for 12-15 years. You require space, money for food, vaccinations and veterinary treatment. This can amount to annually up to 1500-2000 AED for a cat, for its food, litter, toys, vaccinations and medical treatment and up to 2500 AED for a dog. Are you ready for these expenses?

Do you think

  • You want to help a cute poor pet?
    Pets are cute, especially kitten or puppies. But don’t forget, they grow up soon! Just to like a cute pet is not a suitable reason for adoption!
  • You want to make a lovely gift for your spouse or child?
    Pet are not gifts. This is the worst possible reason to adopt a pet as pets are never gifts. People who get a pet as gift are not prepared for it and will not keep it in the long run. Don’t do this to a pet as you prevent it from the chance to get a loving and responsible home.
  • You want to show off a rare cat breed or toy dog?
    Cats and dogs are not accessories and should not be treated as them. They are also not fashion articles that are kept only to stay upfront in fashion circles.
  • You feel that pets from pet shops are poor animals?
    In pet shops, pets from different backgrounds are often not correctly vaccinated. Many die of infectious diseases within a short time. Moreover, they might come from not serious breeders and suffer from malnutrition, diseases and character problems that might  only get manifest later in life.


If you said YES for any of those mentioned categories, then please DO NOT ADOPT a pet!

But, You are ready to adopt a pet when:

  • you have discussed the idea to adopt a pet with your family and all agree
  • you want to have a companion that will accompany you and your family always
  • you want your children to grow up with pets and learn the care-taking and responsibilities for pets
  • you regard the pet as part of the family, a loving family member that will shower you with love and affection
  • you want to keep your pet as long as its lives
  • you have enough time, space and money to take care of the pet
  • you want to have a partner for your already kept cat or dog, especially when it is aging


Yes! Then Please Adopt A Pet Today

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