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What you should do If you find a Stray Dog or Cat

When you see a stray cat or dog roaming around in the street, please do the following: 
Do not pick them up yourself! Please call 800555, the hotline of the Center of Waste Management Abu Dhabi and inform them about the location and number of stray cats or dogs.

They will then inform the trapping company which will come and trap those stray animals. The company will then bring them to the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital which is the only authorized veterinary hospital for neutering stray cats and dogs in Abu Dhabi Emirate. Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital will neuter them, microchip and treat them and then return them back to the trapping company.

They will release the strays cats in the same place where they were trapped. Cats that are homable will be transferred to Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter for adoption by the general public. Moreover, the dogs will also stay in Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter for adoption as they cannot be released back to the streets...

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