Treatment Of Shelter Pets

The Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter is supported by the ADFH Pet Care Center for all kind of clinical treatment and laboratory tests.

Before adoption, all cats and dogs undergo a rigorous health examination and neutering process. They get vaccinated and microchipped and receive medication against fleas and worms. ADFH Pet Care Center is a veterinary hospital that is open for all cats and dogs as well as any other small pets. Click Here for more information about ADFH Pet Care Center.


Clinical Examination
We examine all pets for adoption to determine its status of health. Moreover, we take care of them in case of diseases or any kind of reduced wellbeing. This might include X-rays, laboratory tests like blood samples etc.

Our cats and dogs for adoption are all neutered. Only in cases of small kitten or puppies that are too young for neutering, they have been left intact. If you adopt a kitten or puppy, please return it to us for neutering when it is old enough. 

Our cats and dogs for adoption are all vaccinated. Vaccinations help dogs and cats to be protected against harmful viruses and bacteria.
We vaccinate dogs and cats from the age of 8-9 weeks. This vaccination needs to be repeated after another 3 to 4 weeks to reach a safe level of protection. The vaccination needs to be repeated once per year to protect your pet. All vaccinations are recorded in the vaccination book of your pet for future reference.

Dogs are vaccinated against:

  1. Canine Distemper 
  2. Rabies
  3. Kennel Cough

Cats are vaccinated against:

  1. Cat flu (calicivirus, rhinotracheitis)
  2. Feline Leukemia
  3. Feline panleukaemia (Cat enteritis)
  4. Rabies

We insert microchips under the skin of all cats and dogs for adoption as a unique means of identification. This microchip has a 15 digit number that can be read with a special reading device only. This procedure is not painful for your pet. Moreover, it helps to identify your pet if it should escape or be stolen. For relocation to countries abroad, microchips must be implanted in order to fulfil the necessary transportation requirements. All microchips are recorded here in the ADFH Pet Care Center.


Laboratory tests
Shelter pets get their required laboratory testing done by ADFH Laboratory. Our pet section of the ADFH Laboratory is a highly specialised laboratory with various departments. Therefore we are able to serve with the fastest and most advanced tests. Some of the test that we provide are:
• Parasitology 
• Blood haematology 
• Blood biochemistry 
• Special tests for dog and cat diseases 

  • Microbiology
    • Skin problem testing , etc

Click here for more information about ADFH Laboratory

Specialised Dental Center
As dogs and cats suffer frequently from dental problems like tartar, gingivitis or even inflamed tooth roots, they might experience great pain. In cats, behavioural problems have been associated to toothache like reduced acceptance when touching the cat’s head or even aggressive behaviour. We help our dog and cat to live a pain free and happy life through our advanced methods in professional dental care. 

Apart from conservative medicine, our Pet Care Center also offers pet homeopathic remedies and medicines. if dog is suffering from problems like, hip dysplasia or arthritis and no cure helped it so far? Then homeopathy! The results of the homeopathic treatment can be amazing. In the same time, it is a very gentle treatment without side-effects. However, a first-time deterioration of the condition can happen which is a good sign that the medicine works well.

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