Updated on:15 Dec 2017
Animal welfare groups prepare for abandoned pets during summer

Updated on:26 Jan 2017
Fur, feathers, but no fable: Abu Dhabi shelter does not quit on animals

Updated on:25 Jan 2017
Animal abuse could turn into human abuse

Updated on:09 May 2015
Pioneering vet founded capital’s Falcon Hospital

Updated on:01 Feb 2015
International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) under International Cat Care (ICC) Certifies Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital Pet Care Center Membership.

Updated on:03 Feb 2013
Abu Dhabi animal shelter rehomes many more pets

Updated on:28 Feb 2012
Thinking of getting a dog? Thinking is how you get it right

Updated on:27 Oct 2011
Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter hosted a Stray Animal Welfare Conference on 23rd to 27th October 2011.

Updated on:11 Oct 2011
Paws For Thought - Khaleej Times

Updated on:10 Oct 2011
Rescued animals find solace in Abu Dhabi shelter - the National

Updated on:20 Sep 2011
H.E Michael. H. Corbin, US Ambassador to the U.A.E. visited the stand of the Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter during the Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition 2011

Updated on:15 Apr 2011
Dr. Margit Gabriele Muller was one of the prestigious judges on the Abu Dhabi Dog Show 2011

Updated on:15 Apr 2011
Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital and Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter had sponsored the Abu Dhabi Dog Show 2011

Updated on:15 Apr 2011
18 dogs were adopted during the Abu Dhabi Dog Show 2011

Updated on:15 Apr 2011
Official launching of the Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter Website

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Stories about our Happy Adopted Pets

From: claire rose zafra 
Sent: Thursday, March 20, 2014 10:19 AM
To: Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

Subject: ADOPTED CAT ON 12/03/2014 - MICROCHIP# 784095800017705


Attention: Dra. Viola/ Any attending Vet:


I have adopted a very sweet kitten on 12/03/2014 (Wednesday) from your hospital. She is a Tri-colour DLH. Good news is that, she is very sweet, loving and well behaved kitten and I am so thankful for having her.


I have a question though about her medical/ vaccine schedules which are written on the booklet I received, there were 3 types of vaccines (stickers of 3 colours: orange/ pink and green).


Seeing the dates, there is a column for Vaccination date then Next  Vaccination Due Date. For Pink and Green, their Next Vaccine Date respectively February of 2015, while for the Orange colour sticker it is written 24.2.14. I am wondering whether there is some writing error or something because the first Vaccination Date was on 3.2.2014. How often does she have to have that vaccine anyway? I have attached IV-Vaccination Details along with I-Animal Details and II-Animal Identification for your ease reference.


And also, when I took her, Dra. Viola said she is about 4-5 months, her birthday isn't written on her Records Booklet so I have given her A NEW BIRTHDAY - which is 12-10-2013, assuming she is about 5 months old. I want her to celebrate proper birthdays with me. Is it okay to do that or at least do you have her original birth records that I can refer?


Thank you so much for your assistance.


By the way, I named her 'COCO' and I also attached her pretty photo. Kindly add her to your Quick Links: "Stories about our Happy Adopted Pets". I can't help but brag about how happy I am for having her. 


Best Regards,

Claire Rose


From: Diana Babcock

Sent: Saturday, 14 September 2013 18:06

To: Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter

Subject: I am so happy I adopted a cat from you here is my story from Diana


I am so happy with my little Coco Chanel. She is a Siamese cat, I adopted her from The Animal Shelter  when you were at the ADNEC Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition. She is so well behaved. She never scratches or bites, she loves to sleep in her little bed under the coffee table. I have had her for a week now, actually it took her a week to settle in. Now she talks to me and

loves to sleep beside me on the couch. Over the week her coat has got more glossy and her eyes more blue. She loves her special food I got from your center, "Canine cat food" and I use the odor free cat litter, she is very clean.

I couldn't have asked for a nicer cat. She loves her cuddles and doesn't mind me leaving her,  when I go to work, She just greets me at the door and asks me how was my day. She likes to lie on the sun and under the couch too.

Thank you for my lovely Coco.




From: Manuela Mirkos

Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2012 18:19:44 +0000

To: info@falconhospital.com>; info@abudhabianimalshelter.com>

ReplyTo: Manuela Mirkos <mmirkos@ymail.com>

Subject: news on Sandy ("Pepa")


Dear team at the Animal Shelter,

I am writing to let you know that Sandy - as we called the lovely mixed Saluki we adopted from you 4 months ago and which was called Pepa at the time - is doing extremely well. It is the first time for me to adopt a former stray so both Sandy and I had some learning to do at the beginning: she was a bit shy, scared and defensive, but with lots of love and the additional help of a trainer she has now flourished into a funny, playful and sweet companion for both me, my husband John and our two young girls.


Thanks again for the opportunity to adopt such an adorable friend!

Kind regards,

Manuela, John, Lara and Alexandra Defterios





From: Anita Bali

Sent: Wednesday, February 29, 2012 1:57 PM

To: Kishore Kumar

Cc: 'Shreya'; 'Diksha Bali'

Subject: WHARTON



I am an animal lover; my philosophy are that dogs are loyal and make much better friends than people. They give love and affection, guard your children and all they ask for are to loved and fed, in that exact order.

I became close to the ADFH Pet Care Centre after meeting Dr. Margret and Dr. Bibi and seeing the genuine love they had for animals.

Having lost a dog to cancer in 2010, I was distraught. My dog Destiny had been my best friend for 10 years and knew every mood of mine. It was then that I asked Dr. Margret, that in addition to the 2 dogs that I still had, I wanted a Cocker Spaniel also to replace the good friend that I had lost.

Then one day I got a call from the Pet care centre stating that there was a German Shepherd that needed a home. Notwithstanding that I had one  a German shepherd already at home, I took one look at the picture of this skinny and sad animal, who had spent all his life on the Abu Dhabi roads, had marks to agony etched across his face, and, made a spontaneous decision to take him in.


He came home, and was surprised to see my 2 dogs, 4 birds and one cat. I have a double storey house, he did not know how to climb the steps. However a meal later and after being spoken to affectionately, given a few kisses et all, he was off like a shot, falling down the stairs, but wanting to take in all the atmosphere at once. He responded quickly to affection he had never known, became my shadow and turned from the cowering and scared animal who had entered my house into a  Royal, who would sleep with me on my bed (along with my other 2 dogs and cat), with his spine etched against mine.

He only had one request to be fed at 5 am and 3pm, failing which he would howl, because he thought food was not going to come. He is now 21kgs more than when I got him, but he still goes strong on food.


Since he came into my household in August, Wharton, as my elder daughter named him (because coincidentally my younger daughter had gotten admission to Wharton Business School, the World’s leading school of Business, just as he came into our lives), is now a fully acclimatized family dog. He protects my daughters and growls if any member other than the family touches him. He loves the rest of my animals and is a pure delight to have.


In life no good deed goes unrewarded, Wharton got a home and I got another good friend, for the full stint of his life, which for my sake, I hope is a long one.



Anita Bali


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